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A busy work life leaves most people with almost no time to cook at home, particularly during the week. Take out restaurants offer a convenient alternative to working parents and people who are hard-pressed for time. About a third of consumers perceive restaurant takeout as an important part of their lifestyle. Similarly, almost half of adults consider takeout or delivery an essential consideration when choosing a table service restaurant. If you’re looking for a reliable take out restaurant in Hays KS, we, at Chef’s Crate, have got you covered.

Takeout or Delivery: Which One is Safer?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, most outlets now offer takeout or delivery as sit-down service is discouraged. According to health experts, there's no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted through food; therefore, the safest option is the one that doesn’t involve contact with most people.

Delivery and takeout are both lower in risk because you avoid being in contact with others for prolonged periods. Still, delivery is safer, especially when it comes to delivery that allows the workers to drop off food at your doorstep. And because payment is done electronically, workers and customers won’t need to come into contact.

On the other hand, if the restaurant you are ordering from doesn’t have the option of delivery, takeout is also quite safe, although the proximity of other patrons waiting for food might pose a risk. To minimize the hazard, stand at a considerable distance from other customers and request the staff to put your order down then move away before you pick it.

Precautions to Take When Handling Takeout

Social distancing has become the new norm around the world, and restaurants are promoting takeout meals. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so far, no one has contracted COVID-19 through food, and it's unlikely that you could get it from touching carryout containers.

Cooked food presents little to no risk, but there could be a problem with foods that are not heat-processed. For instance, if you're having a sandwich and touch your face, that could be a hazard if the person who prepared it did not follow the safety precautions such as sanitizing surfaces and hand washing. That said, it’s crucial to exercise smart precautions.

When you're picking up food, avoid drive-through and instead opt for contactless curbside pickup rather than the drive-through window. If you have to use the drive-through window, adhere to the recommended precautions for public spaces: sanitize or wash your hands regularly, wear gloves if possible, and use a face mask.

Once you get home, transfer the food to your own plate and throw away the container it came with. Thoroughly wash your hands and clean the area where the packaging or bag was placed.

Your Best Pick Up Restaurant

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, pickups have become a popular way to order your favorite meal, either over the phone or on the internet. At Chef's Crate, we’re your go-to take out restaurant in Hays KS. We prepare all our delicious meals while strictly adhering to the sanitary precautions provided by public health experts.

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