Restaurants in Hays KS

Chef’s Crate is one of the best restaurants in Hays, KS, with a diverse menu and flavorful meals. We are an affordable restaurant with a wide range of options for entrees, sides, and desserts.

Points to consider before choosing a restaurant for take-out

If you plan on enjoying a flavorful meal at a restaurant, it is important to do your research for the best take-out experience. Here's what to consider before choosing a restaurant:

  • Hygiene – Check the place’s hygiene before you order a take-out. Look at the cleanliness around the restaurant and see if it looks and feels neat and tidy. 

  • Value for money – It is important to order take-out from a place that offers you the best value for the money you pay, in terms of quality, quantity, and service. Do not fall for one of those places where they charge you an arm and foot for a dinner that barely satisfies your appetite.

  • Cuisine – If you are craving Italian, then find a bistro that specializes in serving authentic Italian meals with fresh ingredients. Your appetite for a specific type of cuisine can help you narrow down your choices for a restaurant.

Lastly, be sure to choose a restaurant close to where you live, especially if you plan on ordering take-out. This way, you can save on fuel, and you don’t have to deal with the heavy road traffic to and fro from your home to the restaurant.

Take-out vs. dining out

Dining out is an excellent option if you are looking to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc., with your family members, friends, or colleagues. However, when you choose to dine out, it can be exasperating and tiring to pick a dress, get dressed, drive through heavy traffic, and wait for a table before you can finally dine with your loved ones and enjoy a meal. Doing all of this on a weekday after a long tiring day at work can turn your evening into a never-ending nightmare.

With take-out, you do not have to go through any of the above-listed hassles. You can enjoy delicious food from your favorite restaurant in the comfort of your home. It will not only save time and effort but also allow you to enjoy good food in pajamas while you catch up on your favorite Netflix series. We are one of the top-rated restaurants in Hays, KS, and we have an exciting take-out menu.

Counting calories when you dine out

Before you arrive at your dining location, browse the restaurant’s website to learn about the dishes they serve. This way, you can decide on the items that you wish to order that fit your diet plan.

Alternatively, you can ask the waiter about the cooking process of an item from the menu. If an item is deep-fried or sauteed in butter, you can request the waiter to avoid butter in the sauteeing process and try to make the dish more diet-friendly.

Visit for our menu. Chef’s Crate is one of the highly sought-after restaurants in Hays, KS, with excellent customer service and a delicious menu. 

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