Healthy Restaurants Near Hays KS

In the past, eating healthy and eating out seemed impossible. However, times have changed, and eating healthy in a restaurant has become quite popular. Society has become more health-conscious, and restaurants have also responded by preparing healthy meals. At Chef's Crate, we believe in food that nourishes your soul and energizes your body. As one of the top healthy restaurants near Hays KS, we develop a wide variety of delicious, healthy meals that will ensure you choose what works for you.

How Can You Eat Healthy While Eating Out?

Here are tips for eating healthy at restaurants:

  • Don’t Go When You’re Starving

You sit down when you’re overly hungry, and the next thing is to devour pieces of buttered bread as you wait for the main meal. If you’re famished before leaving for the restaurant, have a piece of fruit. Or once you get to the restaurant, order for a small salad. That will help keep your hunger pangs in check.

  • Know What to Avoid

It’s possible to eat healthy at restaurants as long as you know what to avoid. Some of the common keywords in food items to steer clear from include crispy, pan-fried, dipped, breaded, alfredo, and cream. Food items with these names may have too much salt or fat. 

Instead, you can choose meals that are accompanied by terms such as baked, steamed, grilled, braised, roasted, or seared. When ordering, often ask for a double or triple of the typical serving of veggies, and offer to pay more, though you may not be charged. 

  • Always Ask Questions

You can ask how your food was prepared because many chefs use excess salt and butter to enhance flavors and heighten taste. Do not shy away from asking questions, and if what you wanted is loaded with excess fats, then choose something else instead, or request for your meal to be prepared differently. 

The waiter or waitress can explain how the meal was prepared, and from that, you’ll be aware of what’s in your food. It’s up to you to know what you’re eating, and this can make all the difference between consuming excess calories and fats, and eating healthy.

  • Dessert Time 

You can still enjoy dessert by ordering one and taking a few bites at a time rather than eating the entire order and feeling awful. Another idea is to ask for fruit sorbet or a simple dish of berries. If you take alcohol, avoid some of the exotic drinks because they have tons of sugars, calories, and flavors. Instead, ask for a glass of wine, a vodka, or a light beer as they’re healthier options.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes eating the right amount of calories. This will depend on your daily activities, and the need to balance between the energy you use and the foods you consume. If you take more than your body requires, the excess will be stored in the form of fat, leading to weight gain. Your meal needs to be high in fiber and loaded with starchy carbohydrates. If you’re looking for one of the best healthy restaurants near Hays KS, visit us at Chef’s Crate for a mouth-watering pick up.

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