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Do you long for homestyle cooking, but don’t have the time to prepare meals yourself? Chef’s Crate offers rush-hour made-to-order local dishes you can take out or pick up on-the-go. Chef Tim makes mean entrees, appetizers, yummy baked bread, home-made salads, and sides for food near Hays, KS. Check out what’s trending as the meal of the week today!

Five-star homestyle cooking 

Whether you prefer pork, beef, or chicken, Chef Tim will rustle up a palatable dish for you in no time. A master culinarian, he puts passion, artistry, and soul into cooking every recipe. With a diverse background in culinary arts, his cuisines take on various cultural influences.

Chef Tim sources fresh provisions for his cooking antics every day. Enjoy our delicious salad mashups with garden-fresh vegetables and fruits. We will complete your main course with your choice of entree. You can top it off with our Asian style entree, street tacos, or pasta all prepared to five-star standard. 

Sides under five

Pick any of our add-on sides for only five dollars. Our home-made dressings and take out salads have a unique flavor. Available vegan and vegetarian sides for food near Hays, KS:

  • Soup - We make the spiciest homestyle chili you will find on the market.

  • Dressing - Our honey mustard mashup is tasteful. Enjoy your choice of sweet-tart dipping sauce or champagne salad dressing.

  • Vegetable salads - You will love our blend of mixed greens (baby), Napa cabbage, baby spinach, Romaine lettuce, and carrots. It will stay fresh for up to a week if you refrigerate it.

  • Green Goddess homestyle dressing - We toss fresh parsley, onions, basil, spinach in sour cream, butter, and milk to make this classic ranch salad dressing.

  • Cracker butter - For this, we whip up Parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, and oregano with butter. It is the sweetest spread you will taste. Plus, it makes the perfect base for stir fry shrimp, lobster, or mushrooms.

  • Sunflower-seed basil pesto dressing - An excellent suitor for our fresh bread, this dip includes garlic, olive oil, fresh spinach, basil, and Italian parsley.

  • Baked bread - Fresh out of the oven, our French-style loaf is a delight. Made with organic ingredients, it’s healthy and wholesome.

Appetizing homestyle desserts

We prepare five-star quality desserts to whet your appetite. Chef Tim makes delicious sugar-coated berry torte, strawberry shortcake, caramel apple turnover, tarts, and fresh cinnamon rolls.

All of our treats are exclusive to our brand. Treat yourself to our exotic cinnamon rolls with sweet vanilla bean topping (frosting). Try our one-of-a-kind pumpkin, milk chocolate, or cappuccino tart with garden-fresh berry mint topping.

Do you care for delicious homestyle food near Hays, KS? Chef’s Crate is open for take-out orders and pick-ups from Tuesday to Saturday. You can find our fast food joint at 501 Vine Street in Hays, Kansas. If you are new to the city or need directions, Google Maps provides the quickest route to our location. Order now! We will have your food packaged and ready for you in no time. Our prices are the best around town. Homestyle cooking prepared to perfection by our culinary master Chef Tim.

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