Family Meals Hays KS

Preparing a healthy meal for a large family each day can be a daunting task. It's a huge relief to be able to order a meal or go out to a local restaurant. Different restaurants have options for food orders for both small and large families. Others have come up with DIY meal kits to suit various family needs. All these are tailored to make it easier to feed your family healthy and delicious meals. If you're looking for a pick-up restaurant, we will meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations at Chef's Crate. We prepare tasty and healthy family meals in Hays KS, guaranteed to excite your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

Importance of Having Family Mealtimes

Many families go for days or even weeks without sitting down to enjoy mealtimes together because of over scheduled lives. But family meals are quite important and should be regarded as a part of your everyday requirements. According to researchers, families who eat together regularly reap several benefits.

  • One way of preventing obesity is by eating together. Family members usually eat less during mealtimes as they talk more and eat more slowly.

  • A Harvard study revealed that families who share meals are twice more likely to have their servings of vegetables and fruits than those who don’t eat together.

  • Family meals provide parents or guardians the opportunity to be role models. For instance, they can show their kids how to have polite table manners and eat healthily.

  • Family meals offer the members a chance to sit down together and build stronger ties and relationships, resulting in better self-confidence and self-esteem.

How to Save Money When Eating Out with A Large Family

If you've got a large family, ordering a meal from a restaurant can be expensive. However, you can learn ways of saving money when eating out, no matter the size of the family. 

  • Go for family-style service. This option will be much cheaper compared to each person ordering their own meal. For example, you’ll save more when you order a large salad that can be shared among family members than each member requesting theirs.

  • You can cut back on how much you spend if you choose pick-up instead of delivery. Besides, you get some exercise by going out. If the restaurant is too far and you don't feel like walking, check to see the delivery fee before you place your order.

  • Another way to shave several dollars off your bill is ditching drinks on your pick-up, or substituting soda for water or a beverage you already have at home.

Healthy, Delicious Family Meals

Parents juggle the nutritional requirements for each family member from the mom and dad to the kids. It's important to know how to balance the needs of each member. Factors such as weight, age, level of activity, and other health conditions affect the calorie and nutrient requirements. When cooking for your family, it may not be easy to meet every member's exact daily nutritional needs. However, you can order quality and healthy meals from a restaurant. If you're looking for a restaurant that offers healthy family meals in Hays KS, we’ve got you covered. Come for pick-up for healthy, delicious meals from Tuesday through Saturday. 

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