Best Restaurants Near Hays KS

The best restaurants near Hays, KS don't serve burgers and fries. The Chef's Crate is your new home for 5-star quality fast food when you want takeout for lunch or a delicious meal for your family. Enjoy freshly-made salads, hot soup, street tacos, pasta, Asian cuisine, or popular desserts, made to order by our chef.

Family Dinner Pickup Hays KS

If you haven't been to The Chef's Crate for a family dinner pickup in Hays, KS, you're missing out on one of the best carryout menus in the neighborhood. Forget about burgers, French fries, and chicken sandwiches- we have a real star-studded menu featuring street tacos, pasta, Asian cuisine, salads, soups, and desserts.

Family Meals Hays KS

Takeout family meals in Hays, KS are just down the road at The Chef's Crate. Take a break from typical fast-food menus and enjoy a real meal prepared by our chefs: tangy Asian dishes, spicy street taco kits, pasta, salads, soup, and more, all ready for carryout when you order by phone or walk in and order.

Food Near Hays KS

When you're looking for carry-out food near Hays, KS, stop in to The Chef's Crate for delicious street tacos for your family, Asian cuisine, pasta, freshly-prepared salads, soups, homemade bread, and desserts, all made from the finest ingredients obtainable. Don't settle for fast food- we do 5-star quality food fast.

Fully Cooked Meals Hays KS

Instead of another drive through burger meal for your family, check out The Che's Crate for fully cooked meals in Hays, KS when you want something different. Whet your appetite for sweet & spicy Asian cuisine, flavorful street tacos, soup & salad, or something from our pasta menu, ready to go when you arrive.

Healthy Restaurants Near Hays KS

It's not easy to find healthy restaurants near Hays, KS, especially when looking for takeout food. If you haven't yet tried The Chef's Crate, we welcome you to order from our 5-star fast food menu when looking for something different from the typical carryout fare. Browse our menu online and stop by for the best takeout in Hays.

Restaurants in Hays KS

Tired of takeout from the same restaurants in Kays, KS? Have you tried our carryout menu at The Chef's Crate? We can offer 5-star quality fast food for you and your coworkers, your family, or unexpected company when you want something other than burgers & fries. See our menu online or stop in when you're hungry.

Take Out Restaurant Hays KS

You're looking for a new take out restaurant in Hays, KS. Have you tried The Chef's Crate? We can satisfy any appetite and suit any taste; stop in to order street taco kits for the whole family, pasta dishes, or Asian cuisine. Don't forget one of our popular dessert items: freshly baked cinnamon rolls or caramel apple turnovers.

To Go Catering Hays KS

Request go to catering in Hays, KS from The Chef's Crate and we'll provide delicious food for your next event. Spice up an office luncheon with our street taco kits or make your next family get-together memorable with serve-yourself Asian cuisine, complete with freshly made salads and soup. Call ahead for catering.

To Go Food Hays KS

Are you tired of the same burger & fries for lunch or dinner? Why settle for same old, same old when The Chef's Crate offers freshly-prepared to go food in Hays, KS for you and your family to enjoy? Our carryout menu includes tasty Asian dishes, pasta meals, street tacos, lite options, desserts, and more.

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